Turned By Grace

ten . eleven

Cedar Boxes. My first attempt. Boxes are fun (now). My dad, my image of a Champion for God, will laugh every time he thinks about the day I was learning how to turn a box. Every time I’d try to work the lid onto the bottom so I could shape it, I would use a mallet to “tap” the lid. Well, the lid would end up not slightly cracking, but exploding into a hundred pieces! Epic. Dad would just look at me with that grin of, “I’m not saying a word. But man I would explode with laughter right now if I knew it wouldn’t make you cry!” haha. Dad was the one who did the research into how to create boxes. I’m so glad he did because these boxes are so much fun! Thank you, Dad, for being my guidance with grace and kindness. Your wise and selfless influence in all of my life’s turnings is the greatest value that I have. Thank you. you. you. you. Love you.

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