Turned By Grace


For my beautiful sister, Emily. I’m not going to even try to write something explaining how much my sister means to me. She is just my everything. I made this bowl for her birthday present! My Mimi is a lover of Japanese influenced design. My mom, who spent some of her childhood in Japan, has really taught us from a young age to not be a lover of stuff but be an appreciator of the power in quality. Quality doesn’t have a price tag. Quality derives from intention. This is one of the greatest things that I appreciate about what my mom taught my sister and myself. Be intentional with the elements surrounding your life representing who you are. Make all moments and movements of shape and space a refined elegance due to its intentional design. Quality over stuff. I wanted to embody those lines in this cedar bowl. I wanted it to evoke the perfect amount of detail, not demanding but suggestive. It’s refined elegance gives it the charm and beauty that I find so perfect about my sister. I love you, Emily! Happy Birthday.

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