Turned By Grace


Sanguinetti Family. Givers. This little cedar bowl was turned and shaped for this incredible family. I really enjoyed this piece. The trunk that it originated from was all but beautiful. It was gnarly, cracked and seen by most as useless. But, in the end, it had something to reveal. I believe that is how this miraculous family sees others. There’s always hope. When most see that it’s time to give up on someone, Lucy and Jay see the possibilities. You know why… They have realized that there is no limit to what God can do. So then, they give their time. Once this piece was finished it still had it’s flaws, its imperfections. I filled the cracks with gold leaf. Ha. Wow. That’s Lucy and Jay. They help people fill the cracks of life – with gold. How great those streets of gold will be! Thank you for making such an impact on my life. Thank you for always being there to encourage and love on me. You guys are a shelter. Thank you.

sang 2 sang 3 sang 6 sang 4

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