Turned By Grace


Rodney. RARE. Boss. My Teacher. Friend. Great Impactor. Vibrant. LifeFULL. Rodney, one of my greatest teachers, has taught me how to see truth. Listen, explore, seek and discover. This little box was the first of its kind. I wanted Rodney to have one of my first. This piece really challenged my patience and skill. I had to take my time and learn from what shape it wanted to become. So much of my appreciation for Rodney is like this box. He sets me up to discover something beautiful and then trust that I can get there. I spit and sputter sometimes when trying to figure out what a brand is trying to say, but with his gracious guidance and valued time, I get there. He wants me to succeed. He wants me to make a difference. I will never be able to explain to Rodney how grateful I am for the treasure of helping me learn how to see truth. He has helped me find my way. I haven’t gotten there yet, but he has guided me in the path of great discovery. Rodney. Thank you.

Rod 3 Rod 4 Rod 5

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