Turned By Grace

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Spalted Maple Box. I turned this little box as a way to say “Thank you” to my Versus Coach, Nate. For those of you who aren’t aware of what Versus is, let’s just say it identifies a gnarly group of coaches who’s life passion is to push you past your threshold of ability, and keep you there as long as humanly possible until your body gives out… All because, they love people. I know it’s hard to understand. But, it’s true. Nate is not just a coach, he is an enforcer of encouragement. He encourages me and my team to the point where we feel like we can’t be defeated. His kindness and gracious nature totally contradict the outcome of his ability. We’ve all seen those trainers who get in the athletes face and obliterate their senses by yelling, spiting and verbal abusing… Yea, no. That’s the total opposite of Nate. He gets it. He knows that our daily lives already yell, spit and verbally abuse us. He brings us to the training field, each time, and teaches, encourages, drives and infuses our spirits with the knowledge and hope that we can succeed. We will succeed. Nate. Thank you for always encouraging us. For never giving up on us. You are unique. Cherished. And appreciated. Thank you!

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Spalted Maple Bowl | Vase.

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