Turned By Grace

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Everyday bowls. Cedar kind of night! #OhWhatANight. The first few images are a great example of what usually happens every time I turn!! Dad has to fix everything I break! Poor guy. I know he’s tired of having to stop what he’s doing to always fix my issues!! But, he does it without hesitation… Thank you, Dad for being my everything, inside and outside the shop!! Love you.

This was a fun night. I spun four bowls in three hours, start to finish. This is quite uncharacteristic of me. I’m very particular about each piece I turn. I literally could spend six hours on one piece, ha! So this was a good night to test myself. My confidence. My vision. It was fun! The Avett Brothers got me through it, as always!

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One comment

  1. Kathie Winstead

    I love your work…so very impressed!! I would love a small bowl as shown above! Is it still available? What price?? Love your logo, too! Kathie

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