Turned By Grace

twenty six

Spalted Magnolia Vase.

This might be one of my favorite yet! I know, I know. I say that every time! Maybe this is my favorite because I had to work so hard till completion. This was everything but easy. Magnolia is a rare find so you don’t ever want to waste even the smallest of piece. I think I held my breath most of the turn! Identifying what part of the piece is going to take the stage, that’s one of the most difficult parts. Where is the beauty within the piece? Do I want it to be a loud or graceful piece. This one wanted to be loud!

Now, the real story were the worms…..SO NASTY!! I can’t tell you how many worms I had flying out of this thing…Really, it was completely nasty! haha! At one point, I had to call my dad over to pull them out because I was about to lose it!! Bugs and I don’t really love each other. I think I was nauseous throughout this entire turn!! I’d have to put it down every once in awhile and do a little “shake off the nasty” dance because I’d see a new worm!! They were everywhere!! Did I mention there were a lot of worms!! haha! You know, people always say, “Look at all of those worm holes. Those make the piece so unique.” After hearing that so many times, you’d think it would connect with me that there use to be a worm in that hole and it had to come out some how. Well, I have to say, after this turn, I am fully connected to how much I do not love worm holes!! ha!

It was a sweet night in the shop with Dad. That made it all the more amazing and fun! Thanks Dad for taking care of all the worm business, and more! #OhWhatANight! If you look at the 8th photo, you’ll see one of those nasty lil’ guys…nasty!! Be gone you wormies!!

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